Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday, May 25

Hello friends! Everything is going well here. Down 1 lb this week and was SUPER excited to make it to Zumba last night! I wasn't able to go at all last week and didn't expect to be able to make it till Thursday of this week, but hubby got home in time. Woohoooo!!! It was so much fun and I danced as hard as I could. I was sweatin' up a storm.

I then came home to see the finale of "The Biggest Loser" and I was so excited for the contestants! What an amazing transformation!!! Someday, I'll have a transformation! Some day!

I've been doing Weight Watchers online and I'm really liking it. My only issue is remembering to keep track of what I'm putting in my mouth. I'm being way more conscience of what I'm eating and I've been consuming WAY more fruits and veggies (their "free" on W.W.)!

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer! Woohooo!!!! Memorial Day weekend is just about here. We have 2 bbq's to go to, so I'm hoping for no rain so I'll be able to go on a nice, long walk before each one starts. :-)

I woke up with a really bad headache this morning. That is not a fun way to start the day. Thankfully, it's gone now (thank you Excedrin Migraine!). My neck is really tight; I think I slept wrong. Maybe time for a massage??? That could be my next prize for my next "mini-goal." bout when I reach 25lbs, I'll get a massage? I just bought a new pair of crop jeans and went down a size! Woohoo! I was super excited! Can't wait to go down a few more. :-) One at a time will work for me.

We got Addy signed up for summer soccer. She's really excited to play! She's going to have so much fun!!! Can't wait to see her out there running around. :-) I hope she enjoys playing sports. I don't care what she chooses to play, I just want her to enjoy it. I LOVED playing fast pitch until high school, then I hated it. I hated the competitive-favoritism-drama that came a long with it. I do miss it though.

Ok, time for chores! My break is over. :-)

Friday, May 13, 2011


Woke up to the sun this morning. What a wonderful feeling! Well, actually, I woke up when it was still dark (4:50 am) to get to the bookstore to bake some cinnamon rolls, but got home around 6:30 and slept till 8. :-) Then the sun was shining in my face!

I had a hair cut appointment this morning and, as always, I'm super excited about the results!
It's quite a bit shorter than before and I love it! It'll be so much fun to play with. I'm so grateful that the girl who cuts my hair isn't fearful and trusts me when I say "I need a change!"

Ok, so I joined Weight Watchers online. I need to find something that helps me track my food (good and bad) and I think this will really help me. So, here's to my newest tool for my journey! They have their new "PointsPlus" program where they have zero points for all fruits! YAY!

Last night, I went to Zumba. I was sitting here, wasting time at home because class didn't start until 7pm. So about 6:45, I left my house. Got to the gym and the class had already started! WTF??? Apparently, they changed the time to 6:30 and I didn't catch the memo. So, I only had 30 mins to boogie, but I did it and was dripping sweat. Felt good too!

Nothing really exciting to report, so I'm gonna sign off now. Kids are staying at Grandma & Papa's tonight, so hubby and I may go see a movie or something fun. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Excuses, excuses....

Holy crow! I guess I didn't realize how quickly these past two weeks have gone by and I haven't posted in that time frame. Wow! I'm sorry to you who have been looking for my daily posts. I've been in a funk, busy, tired, busy, not up to blogging, so I haven't. I have lots of excuses. The main ones being; I was sick for a while, my kids were sick for a while and I haven't been working out or eating well, so why should I blog about that? For real, who wants to hear about me eating crappy food and not making it to the gym, AGAIN?? Not me, that's for sure. But whatever. Enough of this dreariness. I'm back thank you very much! So, here we go!

Last night (Monday), I decided I didn't want to drive to the gym, so I walked. Now, I don't know the distance, but it's a haul walking from my house, down the hill, across town and to the SAC. I gave myself 30 mins and once I started, I realized I wouldn't have enough time to make it to Zumba at 6:30, so I started jogging. Let me remind you, I am NOT a jogger! I want to LOVE it, I don't HATE body is just not ready for it. So, here I am, jogging down Olympic Hwy, down a STEEP hill! Fighting my body to keep from going to fast down the hill. I make it to the bottom, stop at the cross walk and then keep going. Stop at the next block and keep going...then, I'm done. I have to walk. I managed to make up some time, but I still have quite a ways to go. To make a long story short, I made it to the gym right about 6:29 and there was still room in the class for me! WOOOOHOOOO!!! I was dying, but I managed to make it through the whole 1 hour class. After class, my girlfriend graciously asked if I wanted a ride home. Ohhh yes! I would have still been walking if I had refused that ride! :-) Thanks Gretch!

Today, I ate pretty well. Not perfect, but pretty well. For dinner, hubby BBQ'd some pork loin chops and I made some mean risotto. It had carrots and broccoli in it and it was delicious!!! My kids cleared their plates and Addy told me this dinner was "a keeper." During dinner, I told Phil that I wasn't sure I wanted to go to class. My body is soooo sore! He told me, "no, you have to. You had a whole week off. You need to go." And you know what, he was totally right! So, I drove my butt down there and danced the hour away. My body didn't hurt at all while I was dancing. It was fantastic and just what I needed! As I sit here now though, I'm getting stiff. Oh well, it was worth it!

I had to change my weight loss tracker and that made me a little sad to do it. I gained some weight. But I'm not surprised. I just need to focus and I'm having a hard time battling myself. It's so strange how our minds fight with our hearts. My heart wants me to be healthy and lose weight but my brain (or a strong portion of my brain) tells me to give in. Why? Why do I allow this???? Ugh! Oh well, just keep on truckin' that's all I can do. One step at a time.

I watched Oprah today and her episode was about viewers who have lost over 100lbs! It was amazing and inspiring to see these people get control of their lives. They said that they will never be done with the "battle" of losing weight. It will always be a "battle" and they will have to fight it for the rest of their lives. But they all have worked sooooo hard to get where they are now. There was a lady in the Olympian's newspaper today from Fircrest, WA who has lost 300 lbs!!!! 300 lbs!!! She was 450 lbs and now she's 150 lbs. I think it said it took her 4 years to do it, but how amazing? Now, luckily, I do NOT need to lose 300 lbs, but still, I have a significant amount to lose and I know it will be a process. But I can do it!

Thanks for sticking with me and being patient and supportive as I go through my ups and downs. I will try and post daily, even if I had a "bad" day. I need to be accountable, even if it is to the world wide web. :-)